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We have a house full of boys! It can get a little crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Matt: "Matty" He is the best husband, and father anyone could ever ask for! Matt is the most driven person, he puts 110% into everything he does! Logan: "Hollywood" I am just a fun loving mom! I live for my three boys! You could also say I am a little bit of a shopaholic! McCoy: "Mac Daddy" He is the boy of many faces! He definately keeps us busy! Mac is the biggest flirt! A ladies man for sure! And last but certainly not least Madden: "Madman" is such a sweet boy! But at the same time can be a little stinker!He is very strong willed, Just like his daddy! He absolutly loves his brother, and smiles and laughs at him constantly! We are all learning and growing day by day...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 4th of July

McCoy and Rainy playing baseball
Matty And I
My Mom and I
We Love daddy!!
(Madden was asleep)
On the fourth this year we woke up and went to breakfast with Matt's Aunt Heidi's family and Cousin Emily's Family at their church! It was very good, and we had a lot of fun! We hung out and the kids and guys played football and baseball in the field. Then we all went to Aunt Heidi's house and the girls painted their toes.....Matt and Loren went and bought fireworks of course. Then we had lunch! After that we went home to get changed, and the boys all fell asleep. When they woke up, we went out to a big family gathering at my Aunt Lisa's. We had so much fun.... we ate.....shot clay pigeons... and of course lit off fireworks!!! All in all Ithink it turned out to be a great holiday!

Mac Daddy Is 2!!!

My Big Boy and I
Eatin His Cupcake! KACHOW!
Daddy and Madden
Before his party when we told him he had to wait for cake!
Ashlee's wonderful cake she made for Mac!
McCoys New Jeep
Swingin at his pinata
Blowin' Out his Candles!

On July 2nd Mac turned two! I cannot believe it, he is getting so big...so fast! We had a birthday party for him at our house! Thank you so much to all who came! Let me just tell ya, the kid made a haul! Of course we had a Chow (Cars) birthday.... we had it out side at 7 pm thinking it would maybe be cooled off by then...Of course not!! It was so hot! I am so thankful that i had so much help decorating, and getting ready! Of course thank you Ashlee for making such a wonderful cake, you are very talented my dear!

McCoy got so many wonderful things for his birthday! He has just about the whole collection of Cars from the movie! Matt and I got him new bedding for his room, tons of toys, and We went in half and half with Matts parents on a brand new Jeep Hurricane!! It is very awesome, but he is so spoiled, it is of course the Mac Daddy (no pun intended) of power wheels.....Working FM radio and all!

But I hope that everyone had fun that came! Sorry it was so hot out!!! It meant alot to have all of our loved ones around on such a special day!!!

Yet Another Trip to The Zoo

My mom and Caleb in the shell!
In the nest with the kids... Believe it or not we had to force McCoy in!
Lil Stellar Man and I!
Rainy And McCoy

McCoy just absolutly loves the zoo, and the last time that we went my mom didn't get to go. So we decided to go again! We had a lil' troop with us My mom, Caleb, Emily, Lexie, Rainy, Stellar, Grace, Tillie, McCoy, Madden, and I. We had a lot of fun, and luckily it wasn't a super hot day like it has been lately!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pictures of The Zoo!

I just thought I would share some pictures of our trip to the zoo!

Chubby Bunny!

So we were all sitting around the fire pit making smores, and Caleb (Trav's son) Said "let's play chubby bunny!!" chubby bunny??? I had never played it! So we all said ok, why not? And caleb explained that you stuff a large marshmallow in your mouth then say one chubby bunny, and put another in your mouth and say two chubby bunny etc. etc. and the name of the game is to see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth with out gagging (nice huh?) and let me tell ya, its hard...especially when they expand in your mouth! We had so much fun! Lets just say poor Matt lost because of his horrible gag reflex!!!

*final score* Travis 14, Mom 12, Caleb 9, Logan 9, and Matt 4!!!

My Moms Birthday: June 25th!!

This year on my moms birthday her boyfriend travis decided to get her a cake... well my mom is not to fond of cake, so when he called and asked me what kind to get her I told him he should probably get her an ice cream cake! Not thinking on my part I told him we should be funny and get her trick candles!!! HA HA!!! Well it did not turn out so great..... It took us forever to light them (for the biggest effect we decited to put all 43 candles on the cake) and by the time we got them lit wax was everywhere! And it also melted the top layer of the cake! It was so funny.... the flame was so huge, I almost lit my hair on fire carrying it outside!
I love you mom! Happy Birthday (you ol' bat!!) ha ha