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We have a house full of boys! It can get a little crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Matt: "Matty" He is the best husband, and father anyone could ever ask for! Matt is the most driven person, he puts 110% into everything he does! Logan: "Hollywood" I am just a fun loving mom! I live for my three boys! You could also say I am a little bit of a shopaholic! McCoy: "Mac Daddy" He is the boy of many faces! He definately keeps us busy! Mac is the biggest flirt! A ladies man for sure! And last but certainly not least Madden: "Madman" is such a sweet boy! But at the same time can be a little stinker!He is very strong willed, Just like his daddy! He absolutly loves his brother, and smiles and laughs at him constantly! We are all learning and growing day by day...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Broken or not broken?

On friday night McCoy was climing into the car and slipped......falling smack dap on his face....in our driveway! OUCH!!! He screamed bloody murder! His nose was bleeding and his lip and nose immediatly swole up! He did quite a number to his nose, lip, and face. He would not let me touch it! After he stopped crying he seemed ok, still a little squeemish if anyone got near it! But being the weekend and all I thought that I would wait till Monday and decide if i needed to take him to the doctor for immediate care! So for the last 2 nights every time McCoy's nose would graze his pillow he screamed! So this morning i called his doctor to tell her what was going on, and of course she wanted to see him....... His little nose has a big bruise across the bridge then down from that to the tip it goes a little crooked! So he was a very good boy and held very very still for the doctor to look at. She said it was really swollen inside but she thinks it might be broken up near the septum which she cannot see with her scope. So she scheduled an immediate appointment with an ENT doctor tomorrow to do xrays and possibly scoping his nose! Just to be sure! Even if its nothing I would rather be safe than sorry......

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